Dodden Energy Efficient Construction

Airtightness in buildings

In our opinion air-tightness is the most important of all the guiding principals of energy efficient construction, take an averagy home of 100m2 floor area with an envelope airpermiabily result of 5m3/m2 that would equate to 500m3 of uncontrolled air infiltration or all the air in the building  replaced approximatly every 30 minute, add to that an outside air tempurature of 1 or 2 degrees and you have a very inefficient home.  Over the last 10 years we have developed and tested methods of addressing air-tightness in new homes and refurbishment projects with results as low as 0.22m3/h/m2@50pa and many results below 0.6m3.

With the resent changes in building regulations and the role-out of SAP10 as the design benchmark all new housing,  airtightness will become more important to achieving a  design SAP 10 PASS

Airtightness services

  1. Design and specification-achieving your SAP10 airtightness target
  2. Airtightness stategies-  targeted solution for individual building elements and junctions
  3. Airtightness element design and specification- indivual junction design and solution.
  4. Training- onsite training and guidance on application and instalation of airtightness stategies and solutions.
2021 0.57m3/hr/m2
2023 0.35m3/hr/m2
2016 0.22m3/hr/m2