Dodden Energy Efficient Construction


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Fully Insulated Raft Foundation


Dodden Energy Effiecent Construct has worked hard to develope a cost effective and versitile method for fully insulated foundations Our insulated foundation system is the starting point for your low energy eco home or passive house and can be designed to accept almost any superstructure construction method.  We cross laminate EPS sheets together to create a 300mm thick rigid form-work tray. then lay re-inforcing mesh to our structural engineers designs to:

  1. Uses standard UK based materials with no long lead times
  2.  provides a mount point for heating pipes
  3. can be power floated or polished to provide your finished floor
  4. provides an upstand for wall insulation conectivity
edge detail of our insulated foundations
Glueing up insulated formwork
Another successful concrete pour
Fully Insualted raft Foundation ready to pour concrete
reinforcing mesh fitted to insulated form work